Bayview always on the move

Lift Rejuvenation Project - COMPLETED

The OCC has approved this project.

Your committee will bring the lifts up to a standard that's all part of keeping Bayview as "The Place to Live in Port Melbourne".

While most apartments require access via lifts, some don't however projects such as this (Take the new gym for example) are proven to increase average values. As they say, a rising tide lifts all boats.

There are more projects in the planning stages. In all cases funded at no direct cost to owners as the storage / parking leases etc. have been so popular.

Even the small amounts help such as several thousand dollars per year in lift advertising.

New Gym Project (Completed)

New Gym Project

Picture log of the project

Just like the Sydney Harbour Bridge our maintenance schedule at Bayview is a year round job.

Your committee plans to have continual maintenance and improvements to our building. 

Maintenance Works at Bayview

So be sure to protect your privacy by checking with the Building Manager for works times.

Energy saving projects

Lap pool & spa

Power use graph

From a total consumption in Q1 2008 of 285MWh to a total consumption in Q1 2011 of 130MWh  . That's over a 52% saving. 

Pool heating

Note as of May, 2017 Bayview will be arranging for the electric heaters to be replaced with more efficient and reliable gas units. At the same time the pool and spa area will be given a makeover.

Bayview's fully Automatic Pool Cover is one reason.

And they said it couldn't be done!

This pool cover conserves a lot of energy.

The cover automatically closes of a night and re-opens as soon as someone swipes to enter the pool the following morning.

Fully automatic pool cover

Please manually close the cover with your swipe if you're the last person to leave the pool during the day.

The new pool cover can also be closed by savvy pool users swiping the newly fitted "GREEN" swipe as necessary.

For example if the person is only going to use the spa they can swipe (the "GREEN" swipe) to stop the pool cover from opening.

They can also swipe the cover closed after swimming should they think there may be some time before the pool is used again.
(10am on a weekday comes to mind..)

Fully automatic pool cover GREEN swipe

We don't know of another building with such advanced pool cover automation(or one that's lowered its electricity consumption by 50%) so we're getting big savings!  There is also a manual spa cover that hopefully some people will take the time to use, (especially late at night towards pool closing time 10PM) we had it thrown in as a freebie with the main cover so whatever energy we save by savvy people using it is a bonus.

We lowered our electricity consumption by over 50%

Electrical power savings per floor are massive; in some cases from 900W down to around 30W. The total power saving is not just because of the new lighting, it's also a range of power saving measures including Bayview residents helping by turning off lights that are not in use..

Lighting upgrades

New LED lamps

Bayview upgraded the internal 12 volt halogen down lights to 240 volt GU10-LED.

Our min > max readings were 30.65 > 47.39 and 12.11 > 28.4KWh respectively.

In August 2008, we were using an average of 39.94Kw/hour, but two years later in August 2010, it was down to 18.73Kw/hour. By the end of 2010, we were down around 16Kw/hour.

>> Q1 2011 Total 130MWh vs. Q1 2008 = 285MWh.

Mid 2015

Solar installers (we're asking to quote on systems) commented on how low our energy consumption is.

Installer contact

Lighting in hallways after conversion

Photo taken after the first downlight conversion.

The electricians were as impressed with the performance of the 2W lamps as we were. No more overheating transformers, (totally removed) no more lamps too hot to touch, just a nice cool light that uses a fraction of the power and puts out a fraction of the heat without sacrificing quality. We can now light a passage way (for example) with 18 lamps for a total of 36 Watts, that's like using the power of just one fluorescent lamp! The new LED lamps last 7 times longer too. The new lamps are rated at 30,000 hours whereas the old halogen lamps were 4,000 hours so just in replacement cost and labour we're in front let alone the massive power saving. They don't need a transformer which saves another 8-10w per fitting.

Executive Summary:

  • Savings of over 90% in power and thus Green House Gas emissions.
  • Savings on lamp replacement & labour costs (New30,000 hrvs. old 4,000 hr lamp life).
  • Around 90% less heat wasted thus keeping areas cooler.
  • Fast return on investment.
  • Easy conversion (electrician required to disconnect/remove old transformers & connect GU-10 fittings).
  • LED is an acronym forLight-EmittingDiode.

Offer to apartment owners / residents

Our Electricians are offering the conversion to residents (at owners cost) at the same bulk rate charged for the building.

Contact: Damien Bone 0413 997 082

By way of background; the Bayview committee has with the help of MICM and their contractors been introducing energy saving initiatives, the main project for 2010 is conversion of down lights.

Below is a power usage graph (KWh) from our on-line data management system.

Date covered is May 2009 to start of February 2010 in April 2010 we reached a new record..

Energy Graph

The graph below is from our Jan 2010 power bill.

Apart from the obvious dollar savings there is also a related saving in Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Once the lighting upgrades are complete and we complete the automation of the swimming pool cover we anticipate our power usage will continue to trend down.

Hidden benefit:

A low PF means electrical power is not being efficiently used and can lead to power factor correction charges by the power company. Power Factor is a measure of the efficiency of electrical power usage under load. Ideally it should be 1 or 100%. By removing 100s of transformers (which are inductive loads) we increase the Power Factor or if you like efficiency of our usage. The transformers were wasting energy in any case, the fact that they were too hot to hold was a give away!