Steps to avoid condensation

Colder weather exacerbates problems with condensation. Condensation is created internally within each apartment and efforts should be made by residents to minimize its affect inside of your apartment.

Tips for minimizing moisture buildup on windows are:

  • Air out the entire apartment for a few minutes each day.
  • Have exhaust fans checked regularly and run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Avoid drying washing inside on damp days without having windows open.
  • Limit household plants in the cooler months.


Bathroom and Rangehood Exhaust Systems

Each apartment is equipped with an exhaust system. A single fan unit serves multiple exhaust registers to the bathroom/ensuite and rangehood. The exhaust system discharges out via a grille to the balcony.

The fan unit is mounted in the ceiling cavity and is turned on by a switch next to the light switch in the bathroom or ensuite. It may not be possible to hear the fan running from where the switch is located.

The kitchen rangehood has it's own switch. 

The system is designed to provide exhaust rates to meet building code requirements. The system will not eliminate condensation on walls and ceilings. For optimum operation, an external window should be open during use to replace exhausted air.

To reduce condensation in bathroom/ensuite, the fan should be run when the shower is in use.