Due to the risk of serious injury, care must be taken on balconies.

Any tradework undertaken on balconies must comply with Work Health & Safety legislation. Contact the Building Manager if you are planning any works involving balconies.. 

High Winds - Secure your belongings

Port Melbourne is occasionally subjected to very strong winds. During windy periods, there is a real risk of any items left on balconies, including furniture such as tables & chairs, being lifted and carried airborne off balconies and onto other properties or the street below.

To prevent this, please ensure that your belongings are appropriately secured. Your co-operation is essential to maintaining the health & safety of residents & visitors.

Water dripping from air-conditioners & pot plants

Residents must not allow condensate (water) from their air conditioners or excess watering of plants to drip or overflow from their balconies.

This can and has caused substantial leakage onto the balconies & courtyards below.

This is not only extremely annoying to the residents below, but is actually in contravention of both the Owners Corporation rules and the State Government's Water Act.

All that is needed is a little attention to detail to contain and dispose of the water in a careful and responsible manner.

Ensure that your plants have saucers large enough to catch all excess water.

Take care when washing your balcony tiles.

Dropping items from balconies

The dropping of cigarette butts, bottles, etc from balconies is not only inconsiderate, it can also lead to injury or damage.

If you experience unwanted water or other items from above, please contact the Building Manager.