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Bayview News



More Upgrades on the way!


Next AGM

Owners please note the next AGM TBA


The AGM is not the place for personal matters, they should be sorted out well in advance.

Bayview's AGM is for the "Big Picture" items, finance etc. You can also nominate for the committee however we suggest you first contact the building manager so he can put you in contact with the current chairman for a briefing.

Please check notice boards!

Lift internals are now completed (save for a few buttons etc.) along with a complete new video intercom system.

Bayview residents can see who's at the main entrance door when they buzz and still keep a look out for your guests on your TV as per the current system.

Lift Upgrade project Completed

New Gym forms and equipment operating manuals.

Equipment manuals


OWNERS: Portal

If you'd like to view detailed information please check out this page.

Bayview's rules

If you're not sure about something please contact the Building Manager.

New Gym Ready for you!

"..If committee members didn't go into bat for all owners where would we be now?  Our aim is to keep improving our homes with innovative projects (without increasing fees) so that we stand out as a complex moving forward."

FAQs - Latest information

Did you know?

Foyer visitor keypad

Foyer CCTV to your TV

You decide to answer or not once you see who's there. ideal if you're waiting for someone too.

New security service


Update your Contact Details

Owners Corporations are required to maintain an accurate contact list of Owners and Residents.

All residents will receive a form in their Bayview letterbox. To ensure that we have up to date contact details for you, please complete the form and return it at your earliest convenience to the Building Manager (Nino) via any of the methods below:

  • Hand the completed form to Nino in person
  • Leave form in a mail-room letterbox marked “Caretaker” or “Body Corporate”
  • Post form to Building Manager, Bayview Apartments, 78-92 Bay St, Port Melbourne VIC 3207

To download the form as a PDF, please click here

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Nino directly.


1800 273 732 or 9995 8608

ASF PROTECTIVE SERVICES provides after hours security & patrols at Bayview Security

When appropriate, call the Police on 000

Slow Down - Please drive safely in the car parksSlow Down

For the safety of pedestrians & other drivers, please take care to drive at walking pace only & switch your headlamps on.

DownsizingWhen bigger isn’t better

New Bayview owner has downsized & absolutely loves it.

See this article... click here

Dog on balconyBalcony safety for dogs - take care of your pooch

To read a very relevant article... click here

RecycleBayview Recycling - Help the environment

Over 75% of waste is recyclable, but on average people only recycle about 30% of it.

The bin rooms at Bayview allow for sorting of your waste into 3 categories:

  • Recycling (Glass bottles, tins, milk cartoons & plastics containers)
  • Paper & Cardboard
  • Other waste

The bins are well signed & indicate what may be placed in each bin type.

Please make an effort & take the time to sort your waste into the correct bins.

Car ParkSecurity - Providing access to others

Please do not provide access to people you do not know.

This includes tradespeople & people claiming to be residents that have lost their key or similar.

Although you may want to be helpful, please direct them to contact either:

Car ParkVisitor Only Car Park - Has your pass expired?

Is your Visitor Only Car Park pass out of date?

If so, please contact the Building Manager to arrange a replacement. You will need to hand back your existing pass. 


Did you know..

Did you know we've fitted downpipes around the building to catch the water run-off that's so annoying. (Not to mention damaging)

Did you know..

Did you know most of the upgrades are FREE to owners. Paid for by the leasing of surplus common property. For example Foxtel IQ, High Speed Internet and wait for it.. THE NEW GYM :)

Remote ControlRemote Controls available

New Remote Controls are available for the car park roller doors.

Click here for more information


Updating of Owner contact details

To ensure good communication, it is important to have up-to-date contact details for Owners. If you have changed address, phone or email, please contact MICM to have these corrected.

You can also do this online via the StrataMax Online Portal.

Strong winds - Secure belongings on balconies

Personal belongings including tables & chairs have reportedly been picked up by strong winds during recent weather events & thrown over balconies. More...