Foyer keypad & intercom for visitors

Entry keypad at building entrance foyers

To call an apartment from this panel - dial the 3 digit apartment number and then press the Bell button.  Wait for the called resident to respond & speak with you.

Audio handset inside apartments  

Visitor intercom

Your visitors can call your apartment from a call keypad located at the building entrances. When called, the system will ring to your apartments' audio handset. 

You may answer a call by picking up the handset & speaking with your visitor.

To grant your visitor access into the building, press the Door Release button (button with the key symbol). This function will unlock the door for approximaely 5 seconds.

To grant your visitor access to your apartment level via the lift, press the Lift Release button (button with the dot symbol beside it). This function, will de-secure the lifts for approximaely 60 seconds and permit the visitor to select your apartment level on the control panel inside the lift.