Swipes, Fobs & Remote Controls

CAUTION: Security for all at Bayview

Car Park

Please do not provide access to people you do not know.

This includes tradespeople & people claiming to be residents that have lost their key or similar.

Although you may want to be helpful, please direct them to contact either:

  • A Resident that knows them.
  • Building Manager on 0409 549 774 (business hours)
  • Makesafe Security on 0488 660 606 (after hours)

If you have any concerns, call the above or call Police on 000

Remote key with integrated accesss fob

Remote Controls (pictured above) are available for use with the car park roller doors.They include an integrated fob for use with door access. A very neat & compact solution. Speak to the Building Manager for more information or to purchase one. Cost: $100.

Swipes & Fobs

For door access only, Proximity Swipe Cards & Fobs (pictured above) are available through the Property Manager MICM.

Contact the Building Manager if you have any issues with access.

Access Controlled doors

You can gain access through your nominated doors upon presentation of a valid proximity access swipe or fob at the proximity entry reader. An accepted fob wiII unlock the door for five seconds. Fob acceptance is indicated by a green light (LED) on the reader. When exiting through the glass entry doors, you wiII need to press the large 'EXIT' button located inside and adacent to the doors. For other access doors, simply turn the handle to exit.

Access Card Readers in Lifts

Each lift car is access controlled. You can access your apartment level and the carpark levels upon the presentation of your access fob at the reader located inside the lift. You are required to press your destination level button once your fob is accepted. 

Care of your Access Swipe or Fob.

Your Access swipe or fob may get damaged if it is exposed to direct sunlight, placed near a magnetic source or submerged in water. 

Vehicle Entry & Exit for the Car Park

The carpark roller doors are access controlled,

  • When entering off Little Bay or Rouses Streets, you can gain access by presentation of a valid proximity access.card at the proximity card reader located at the entry gate. When exiting the car park you wiII need to follow the same proceedure as when entering
  • Internal car park gates also require presentation of your access card at the card reader located adjacent to that gate when either entering and exiting. A valid card read will open the gates - ensure that the gates are fully opened before you proceed.
  • Residents with Remote Controls may use these instead of a proximity card. Each roller door is number uniquely (1 to 4). Press the coresponding number on the remote key to activate door opening.