Gym, Pool & Sauna


New Gym

Lap pool & spa

Open hours are 6am to 10pm.

Please follow the rules as stated in the pool and gym areas; such as no alcohol allowed.

These rules are made to ensure the enjoyment of all residents. 

The pool closes at night due to noise & the possible disturbance to other residents.

New Gym

How to gain access.

Owners need to sign a release form as do their tenants.

Tenants can't have access till the owner has completed the form and returned it to the building manager regardless of if they have completed a form.

This makes sure you understand and will abide by the rules / OHS etc.

Most important:-

  • No music via speakers you must use headphones.
  • No loud noise, running i.e. same restrictions as per the pool.
  • Clean equipment after use. (Consider the next person)
  • Do not drop weights.
  • Follow rules as posted in the gym.

The area is monitored via CCTV

Failure to show respect for others by following the rules will result in access being withdrawn.

The actual rules are:-

Gym Rules

Open now (pre-open) - Offical opening date TBA.

"Why do I have to sign the form to get access?" 
(Question is mostly from people that wanted gym memberships paid for by Bayview elsewhere, forms there too!)

For example, and there is a lot more on the subject;  The statutory law relating to civil liability for personal injuries is contained in the Civil Liability Act 2003 (CLA).

Section 19 of the CLA states that a person will not be liable in negligence for harm suffered as a result of the materialisation of an obvious risk of a dangerous recreational activity.

An “obvious risk” is a risk that would have been obvious to a reasonable person in the injured person’s position.  Obvious risks include risks that are patent or a matter of common knowledge, risks where the probably of it occurring is low and risk that are not prominent, conspicuous or physically observable.

A “dangerous recreational activity” means an activity engaged in for enjoyment, relaxation or leisure that involves a significant degree of risk of physical harm to a person.  Participating in an exercise program or fitness class has been held to constitute a “recreational activity”.

Questionnaires and disclaimers used by fitness service providers such as gyms usually state, at least in general terms, some of the risks involved in partaking in the provider’s services.  They say things like, “I acknowledge that the programs and classes held by the gym may expose me to risks including accidents, injury, illness or death”.

By requiring persons to complete a questionnaire and sign a disclaimer when they sign up to a gym or register to participate in a class, fitness service providers are attempting to limit their liability for personal injuries under the “dangerous recreational activity” protection in section 19 of the CLA.

This protects Bayview owners.  |More|

Equipment Manuals (Large files be patient)

Equipment manuals

You can read the hard copies by contacting the building manager.

Technogym web site

Disabled Toilet now available at Bayview