Air Conditioners

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Dripping water

Do not drip water onto your neighbour below - Contain A/C condensation (water) on your balcony

Air Conditioner condensor units located on balconies must either be plumed into a floor waste water drain or have an evaporative pan fitted.This is to prevent water leakage to the units below.


Air Conditioning units have filters and electrical components that should be serviced and cleaned regularly. Failure to undertake preventative maintenance can cause damage to the compressor or fan within the system. If you have a split or single system air conditioner, the filters should be cleaned once a month in winter and every week or two in high use months according to manufacturer's specifications - depending on your unit, information should be included in your apartment manual. Compressors require annual servicing by a qualified technician electrician.


Requires approval of the Owners Corporation.


Due to the risk of serious injury, care must be taken on balconies.

Any tradework undertaken on balconies must comply with Work Health & Safety legislation. Contact the Building Manager if you are planning any works involving balconies.