Visitor's Car Park (VCP)

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  • For genuine visitors only. NOT Residents.
  • A free "Standard" VCP pass is for GENUINE visitors only.
  • You may not use a (FREE) "Standard" VCP for any vehicle a resident drives.
  • 24 hours maximum usage then a minimum absence of 24 hours.
  • Use a current pass, it MUST be clearly displayed.
  • Patrolled by the City of Port Phillip & fines will result.
  • A pass must be returned within 7 days if requested by the Building Manager.
  • Your Building Manager is happy to answer any questions.


This car park is patrolled after hours and is monitored via constant 24/7 video surveillance and access point control to record access to the car park by either fob or remote.

  • The Visitors' Car Park area is only for short stay guests. NOT Bayview Apartment residents.
  • You must display your authorisation pass (showing the relevant access swipe card number or registration number) at all times.

Failure to display the authorisation pass or failure to abide by the Bayview Visitor's Car Park rules will result in the withdrawal of your permit and, in the case of repeat offenders, the City of Port Phillip will be issuing Infringement Notices (FINES) that are enforceable by law.

Patrols happen at random times. Don't risk a $141 fine. Please use your pass for your GENUINE VISITOR only.


Resident can apply for one pass to entitle a visitor to use the car park.

There are rules that you must agree to. These designed to keep the spaces for genuine visitors.

Prior to introducing these strict rules, the Visitor Car Park was full most of the time & visitors were unable to park onsite.

People found to be breaking the rules may find their registrations on the excluded vehicles list (ie: pass will not work with registration). If you think you should not be on this list please discuss with the Building Manager.

Prior to introducing this pass system, it was almost impossible to get a spot for visitors as residents were using them for permanent parking. It was first in best dressed. We also found people from other buildings and vehicles that were there for months..

Some think rules with no consequence do not apply to them, We had no choice, but to arrange a penalty.

There is a public car park in the building that's run by a private company. We make no money from this either, but it's handy and reasonably priced (enter from Little Bay Street).

For special circumstances (eg. a relative is visiting for a week), you can apply to the Building Manager for a special limited time pass.

Visitor's Car Park (VCP) Rules

1. There are two definitive types of VCP passes:

  1. "Standard" VCP pass (No charge) exclusive to genuine visitors. It is not to be used by residents.
  2. "Special" or Extended VCP pass (Chargeable) with the vehicle registration number printed.

The only difference between the two passes is that with the Extended Pass there are no time restrictions or insistence that the pass be used exclusively by genuine visitors. You may apply for a Special/Extended pass at any time, subject to availability.

2. It is the owner's / resident's responsibility to explain and give a copy of the VCP rules to anyone using the VCP with the owner's / resident's authority and to make sure their guests/visitors abide by the VCP rules at all times.

3. Only one Standard VCP authority (permit) is permissible and issued per Bayview residential apartment. This permit may be renewed/re-issued annually upon application and approval. Motorcycles are not permitted in VCP car spaces. There are dedicated areas for Motorcycles. A vehicle can only use one (1) visitor car space at any given time. No trailer, jet-ski or anything attached to the rear of a vehicle is allowed to park in these car parking bays.

4. No vehicle displaying a Standard VCP pass can stay in the car park longer than 24 hours (from the time the vehicle is first parked).

5. At the conclusion of the 24 hr period vehicles must not return to the VCP for at least another 24 hours. e.g: If a vehicle is parked in a designated bay on Saturday 11 am, it cannot return to the car park until 11 am the following Monday.

6. The VCP permit must be placed on the vehicle's dashboard or front windscreen with all writing visible.

7. Any vehicles in the VCP using an owner/tenant's VCP pass must be registered, insured and in a street usable condition. The vehicle must not be leaking oil or lodge any other deposit whilst parked in any parking bay.

8. The owners/tenants agree that the vehicle displaying the relevant permit/authority (VCP) pass can be towed from the car park if it is not parked in accordance with the rules. The owners/tenants, including the owner of the vehicle, cannot hold Bayview  Owners Corporation responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle in this or any event.

9. Parking at Bayview in any of the Visitors' Car Parking bays is at the visitor's own risk, Bayview Owners Corporation takes no responsibility for damage or hazards any vehicle may experience as a result of use of the Visitors' Car Park.

10. Vehicle owners or drivers indemnify the Bayview Owners Corporation against any damage, loss or claims arising as a result of parking any vehicle in the Visitor's Car Park for any period of time.

11. The Building manager must be immediately advised of any change to the recorded vehicle registration number.

12. All free VCP passes remain the property of Bayview Owners Corporation and must be returned within 7 days of a request to do so. You hereby agree that failure to return the pass will result in the associated swipe(s) being deactivated. This request and  action would only be invoked if the rules you agreed to herein were not adhered to.

13. Disregard for the rules contained herein will result in your VCP permit/authority being cancelled and, in the case of repeat offenders, the City of Port Phillip will be issuing Infringement Notices (FINES) that are enforceable by law.

Common Property VCP Use Agreement (To be signed by Residents requesting a Special VCP Pass)

THIS AGREEMENT is between The Resident of Bayview (the User) and The Owners Corporation of Bayview Apartment & Commercial Complex in Port Melbourne (the OC) for use of an extra Visitors Car Parking (the VCP) Space. VCP Spaces are denoted bypaint markings on the floor of the parking garage at Bayview. The spaces are denoted by YELLOW line markings. See Appendix "A" site plan for locations and designations - attached.

The OC is desirous of allowing short term use of these spaces in the VCP to resident's of Bayview. Resldents will be required to make Application to the OC in writing via the Bu!lding Manager for a special VCP PASS. In making Application, Residents must show proof of residency (eg: lease agreement, rates notice or utility account). and supply details of the vehicle they wish to park in the VCP. Users will be allowed to park their vehicle in the VCP for any period of time (long or short) during the term of this Agreement. Allocation of any such PASS is will be at the sole discretion of the OC Committee of Management. Use will be granted under the following terms and conditions:

  1. No Lease or License, tenancy or ownership of any manner or form is either herein expressly consented to or implied in regards to common property to the user.
  2. This AGREEMENT represents the whole of the agreement between the parties and is non-transferable - NO SUBLETTING PERMITTED.
  3. Each PASS will relate to a particular vehicle registration number and no others. All vehicles must be registered, insured to at least 3rd party cover and drivable.
  4. PASSES must be displayed at all times when user the VCP. Failure to display your PASS may result in a parking fine. Use of the VCP is for parking as a result of residency and day to day use of the User's vehicle. No long term storage is permitted.
  5. All Users must abide by the Conditions of Permit and Rules of the Visitor Car Park - copy attached. Clauses 4, 8, 9 & 13 will not apply and all reference to Permit shall be read as PASS.
  6. No Guarantee as to the availability at any time of VCP spaces is given by the OC. There may be times when you will need to park in the public car park however please note this agreement provides for a very competitive rate that takes into consideration these circumstances.
  7. The User agrees to pay the administration and usage fees as agreed below in section 8. The charges may be adjusted after the term of this agreement.
  8. An annual usage / administration fee of $1,200 per annum is applicable for a PASS and use of the VCP. This fee is due and payable annually in advance on the first day of this agreement to the OC PS 437277S, c\- MICM Property, P.O. Box 19299, Southbank, 3006 or as further directed  It Is the User's responsibility to see that payment is made on time, in.full, throughout the period of usage. The OC does not invoice for these fees. Once the annual fee payment has been received by the OC,
    your PASS will be issued by the Building Manager.