Contacts for Bayview Apartments

Newly refurbished designer foyers


1800 273 732 or 9995 8608


When appropriate, call the Police on 000

Visit the Bayview Facebook pageFacebook: Bayview.Melbourne

Join us on Facebook by visiting the Bayview Melbourne page & sending a friend request, which must include your apartment number

  • You must supply your apartment number when you request access... the page is for Bayview residents & *local businesses only.
  • *Local businesses provided they have special "Bayview" offers such as free delivery or discounts.

Follow us on TwitterTwitter: @BayviewPortMelb

The use of Twitter to communicate day to day up-to-date information quickly to Residents & Owners is being trialed. If there is enough interest, Twitter may become another permanent way of enhancing communication within Bayview, along with the current use of this Website, the Lift Displays & the Mail-room noticeboards.

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Direct we page comments to the building manager please, not the address above.