Bayview Apartments as seen from Lagoon Pier

About the Committee

The Bayview Owner's Corporation (OC) Committee currently comprises of 12 members.

  • 10 represent the residential owners.
  • 2 represent the commercial/retail areas of the complex.
  • All are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Committee members

For a list of members, please contact the Builing Manager (Nino) or Owners Corp manager (MICM Property).


The following sub-committees exist to distribute the workload among Committee members who are able to contribute their time and expertise for the betterment of Bayview.

  • Defects
  • Finance
  • Exterior Refurbishment
  • Communications/Foxtel
  • Security
  • Mechanical Services
  • Gym
  • Cleaning (building specific)
  • Dispute Resolution (to be formed when required)

The Committee’s role is to oversee and carry out an extensive array of duties; some examples of which are listed below :

To carry out the statutory duties and powers as set out in the Owners Corporations Act 2006.

(For more information contact Consumer Affairs Victoria - Ph 1300 55 81 81 or online

To set policies and standards for management of the common property.

For example: the fitting of external items like awnings and air conditioners; maintenance of balconies, entrances, gardens (both common and private); cleaning of common property; signage/promotions (in and around the complex); security and safety issues; lighting; the usage of any facilities such as carparks, pools, spa, sauna; ensuring the expected high standards of resident and visitor behavior within the complex and establishing procedures for the enforcement of the rules including a Complaint Handling/Dispute Resolution Process


Ensuring information is readily available to owners/ residents/tenents, and being a conduit for information from all sources on any matter requiring management action;

Property Management

Working constructively with MICM, our managing agent, and other regular contractors such as cleaners and gardeners.

Financial management

Includes setting fees for general administration, maintenance, and insurance. The OC is required to prepare and keep accurate financial records, prepare annual financial statements, to ensure adequate insurance coverage is in place, to approve and pay remuneration to managers, employees and contractors, to issue and recover quarterly fees and special levies or charges.

Property maintenance

Maintaining and repairing the common property, fixtures and services, and development of a maintenance plan which includes budgeting for future maintenance.


Attending and participating in all required OC Committee meetings to ensure forward planning and regular duties are being carried out.

How to contact the Committee

Initial contact should be via the Building Manager or via MICM Property (who manage the property for the committee).

Please refer to the contact page for further details.