Bayview Apartments - New Gymnasium Project

Updated - October, 2017

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Bayview's New Gym - At no cost to owners

This is what an effective OC Committee can do!

Brand new gym

Opening day 2016
Above & Below: Opening day on 19/3/16
New gym
Grand opening was on 19/3/16 by Cr. Serge Thomann (Deputy Mayor COPP)
New gym

Update 17/3
Sauna update completed
New Sauna


Time line..


New Gym

Work has started on Bayview's New Gym.

  • The new pride of Bayview will be operational early next year with exciting new equipment too.
  • It takes up a very small percentage of the usable podium area as you can see from the image above.


The frame going up..


29/10/15 Framework starting.



You can start to see how the tree canopy will hide most of the new gym and make it a lovely environment. 

The first section is the area for the disabled toilets. This is something that was sadly missing in the past. It also means disabled people can visit you and while you're showing off your Podium they can also have access.



New Gym's progress


New Gym's progress


New Gym


It's hard to appreciate just how much larger the new gym will be from this photo, total area is more than double.

Natural light and air with the space makes for something special not found in many apartment buildings.

Project history

October 2014 picture shows greater foliage cover.

Small area of podium used..

If you'd like to see a HD photo of Bayview and surrounding apartments taken at the same
time as above (Warning large file 3.6MB) click here.

© for Bayview residents only do not reproduce without permission.


Now Bayview will have wheelchair access to the Gym

Wheelchair access & disabled toilets are features of the new gym project.


  Gym equipment wish list

Gym Rules

Project funding

This totally new plan is fully funded at no direct cost to owners by leasing common property areas.



For more information:
contact the building manager