Foyer CCTV to your TV

Completed: A new security feature - CCTV to your TV.

Completed in October 2016

A complete upgrade of the intercom system to full video so you'll be able to see who's there on the handset while keeping the TV on if you're waiting for guests to arrive.

Early in 2017 we upgraded all intercoms to full Video.

(At no direct cost to owners unless they were impossible to schedule..)

You can still use your TV as above, nice relaxation music plays too!

Bayview Foyer Cam

Shown recently as part of successful apartment sale campaign at Bayview. Music is available in Building E and will be introduced into the other buildings.

Note background music should be playing on your foyer channel.

What does this mean?

You can see who's calling your apartment by tuning into a special digital TV channel.

Which buildings are done?


What do I have to do to see it?

Re-tune your TV look for CCTV channel like "E-TV".

Is there an easier way to see the picture?

Yes you can install a portable TV as per the image below or just have one sitting on the table near your handset.

Another way is to buy a cheap SD set top box (around $40) and connect it to a computer monitor this opens up many low cost possibilities. 

Mini TV installed
Laser 7'' Portable Digital TV with Touch Panel & PVR

Is it on all the time?

Yes. This is a public area already under constant surveillance. There is no expectation of privacy in a public area. Having the image transmitted full time has other advantages:-

  • If someone knocks at your door you were not expecting (and you did not answer) you can see who they were as they exit and call them back if you want to.
  • Do you have a stalker? (happens) You can keep a bit of a watch out for them.
  • New visitors are coming? See them approaching the door and call or go and greet them, especially if they are going to have a problem using the keypad.
  • What if someone buzzes you in the middle of the night? (happens often by accident or alcohol) See who they are, no need to let them know you're home!
  • Your newspaper is being "misplaced"..

All buildings now have background music connected to the channel. Please let the building manager know what you think,

contact the building manager