TV Foxtel & Internet upgrade

TV & Foxtel iQ HD system upgrades

Updated 23/11/15


Residents can now have very fast internet at Bayview


Bayview's internet speed

Foxtel iQ

The test above was using Activ8me done by Steve from the Owners Corporation Committee, your results may differ.

The OC has funded & managed a building infrastructure upgrade to the existing older generation Foxtel Lite to Foxtel iQ HD.

​Sky Blue Communications was contracted to undertake the installation works.

Foxtel and internet upgrade works at Bayview are now completed.

TPG are now offering FTTB broadband services at Bayview.

1300 160 163 - as at 11/15 they were offering a $70/PM bundle 50/50MB with phone.

If you choose TPG let the building manager know how it goes so we can share your feedback here. 

Click here for brochure on how to connect with Activ8me

  • Naturally we first approached the NBN and Telstra neither would commit to a time frame and both were talking years away.
  • If you want to keep your Telstra email address you may simply stay with your current service or downgrade it and have 2 services.
  • At some stage the NBN will make it all the way out to Port Melbourne from the City.  
  • When this happens via the NBN you'll be able to choose your provider.

Building F - Heritage

The Building 'F' TV  signals are now interconnected with the rest of the Bayview complex.

Hertiage residents now have access to Foxtel for the first time.

Connections in each Apartment:

No apartment wiring changes are required. The standard TV antenna wall plate connection(s) are used to connect to the Foxtel set-top box (As with the previous Foxtel system).

Foxtel Settop Box

Internet upgrade works:

The OC is funding & coordinating a building infrastructure to add VDSL2.

Other than 3G/4G mobile, currently the only option for internet broadband is ADSL with a max typical speed of 10Mbps. Monthly line rental for the copper cable from the Telstra Exchange is also typically required.

We added VDSL (Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line) via a new fibre optic connection to Bayview. As VDSL does not use copper cables from the exchange, there is no monthly line rental charge.

Choosing to change over or signup to VDSL is completely optional, but subscribers will then be able to access speeds typically around 50-75Mbps.

Wholesale provider OptiComm will install, manage & maintain the new VDSL2 infrastructure equipment at Bayview.

Residents who wish to subscribe may use a selection of Retail Service Providers (such as iPrimus & iiNet) as listed here

Residents can keep their existing phone services or choose to change and have Data and VOIP services with no line rental charges.

Each apartment will require a VDSL modem and connection to the VDSL network (charges apply). Connection within each apartment will be via the telephone wall plug, as with today's ADSL. 

Foxtel and internet upgrades: All upgrade works have been completed. This was funded at no cost to owners via the leasing of common property.