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Bayview Apartments Port Melbourne

The Bayview Apartment complex comprises 7 individual buildings (A to G) which share an internal 3 level car park, health complex and a large inner (no-dog) garden area known as the Podium where residents can enjoy the grass area without trepidation.

There are 271 apartments including an 1874 heritage bank building in Bay St and an 1864 heritage blue-stone warehouse in Dow Street.

There are also 19 commercial properties partly comprising handy shops and eateries along the Bay & Rouse St shopping strip sides. The residential community comprises approximately 50% owners & 50% tenants.
Bayview occupies the block bordered by:
Bay, Rouse, Dow & Little Bay Streets Port Melbourne.
Image by Hocking Stuart

Bayview's New Gym on the Podium cost owners nothing!

Natural light and air with the space makes for something special not found in many apartment buildings. The committee wants to thank owners that supported this project for their vision.

Bayview Gym Complex

See who's knocking with Music

Our new Foyer Cams were used part of successful apartment sale campaign at Bayview. Music is now available on the foyer cam TV channel.

Mini TV installed

While this is still an option and handy on the big screen TV we've also in 2017 installed video intercoms at no cost to owners.


  • Looking for Tradespeople
  • Like to advertise on our electronic lift displays?
    Please contact the building manager
    Bayview's electronic lift displays
  • Advert section above. 8 lifts great rotation. Ideal for service business as per example above. Note the only 2 slots available for real estate agents are already taken for 2017-2018.

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"When people are considering buying an apartment here, they always look at the pool and gym" or Gazebo..

Foxtel iQ & High speed internet

Foxtel iQ

Foxtel and high speed internet now completed we have other providers also for more information please contact the building manager.

See this page for brochure on how to connect Communications Upgrade